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The Story Behind “Sherry’s Legacy”

Sherry left such a beautiful legacy; one that stretched out much further than even I realized.  She was simply more than a wife, mother, sister, or daughter.  

She had a unique ability to counsel people who were struggling with life issues.  She would listen to their problem, use her gift of wisdom and share Godly advice to help them get through their situations.  I not only witnessed this with people around us, I saw her use this gift in our own family.

With that gift, she was excited to learn about a ministry started in our church called, “Living Free Ministries.”  The gift she had fit this ministry perfectly as it ministered to those who were struggling with some type of life issue. She quickly took the training courses and became a facilitator in order to lead these groups.

Soon after, the Living Free Ministry started to filter out into treatment centers and had classes for those who were there.

Our director couldn’t make some of these meetings, so she asked Sherry if she would fill in until she got back.  With an incredible excitement, she accepted the offer to teach/lead for a four week stretch.
  After her first week, she picked me up from work and I could tell she was so excited to tell me about it.  I had never seen her this excited about anything outside of our family.  I, too, was excited for her because I knew her abilities and felt like this ministry was a perfect fit for the gift God had given her.  

At that point, her passion just exploded and she went on a “Bible donation campaign” to get Bibles for these precious women who were hungry for more. In just 1-2 weeks she, she  collected 22 Bibles to hand out to the ladies when she got to her next week of teaching and counseling.

When she showed up, she took the box of 22 Bibles to her room to pass out.  She left her room for a few minutes and when she returned, the ladies had already gotten in the box, distributed the Bibles, and were reading them already! 

At the end of that session, several even had Sherry sign their Bibles.  Her excitement when telling me about this was simply off the charts. 

She then came to me and expressed a desire to teach these classes more often.  She talked to me about it and then reached out to our director.  Our director was more than happy to get her in rotation to teach on a more permanent basis!

Unfortunately, Sherry was not able to make it back to the ministry she was so passionate about.

That is why I created the “Sherry’s Legacy” Bible Foundation in her memory.  I am seeking people to donate $5 per month (or more) in memory of Sherry to help purchase Bibles for these beautiful people she was so passionate about.

 Every single penny brought in will be to do just that: purchase Bibles geared toward helping those with addiction (and other) issues who are a part of the Living Free ministry!

I cannot think of a better way to honor Sherry’s legacy than to continue spreading and distributing the Word of God in her memory.

If you would like to contribute, please click on the button below to get started.  You can set up recurring payments (preferred) and $5 per month will be charged to your account.  Of course, if you’d like to do more, that would be a huge blessing!

One time gifts are also welcome, but a monthly payment would be more beneficial in giving us the ability to continue purchasing Bible’s consistently.

There is no account sign up required for recurring payments or one time gifts.

My initial goal is 200 people at $5 so we can start off strong!  My sincerest thanks in advance to those helping continue Sherry’s Legacy in spreading God’s Word to the broken hearted!

1 Thessalonians 5:11

words cannot express the amount of love i hold in my heart for this beautiful woman. not only was she a mother, she was my friend. life with you has been awesome. through our "vegetable" days, as you would call it, we would watch dr phil and munch on anything we could get our hands on. going to get our nails done and going shopping and ending the day w cheesecake or red mango was always a good day. i'm sad to see those days come to an end, but i know better days are coming your way, as you celebrate with our Savior. I'll miss you, Sharon (her nickname) and fly high, you beautiful soul. i'll see you soon.
~ My daughter, Mariah

Today around 2:30 a.m. heaven received a very special angel. You were always there for me and always able to cheer me up the best way you knew how, being yourself. I never thought of you as a step-mom but a BONUS-mom. ❤ Now you're not hurting you're not suffering and no more medication. You can dance with no pain and be as happy as ever... I will miss every moment we spent together. I miss you so much and I love you Sherry Berry... Fly high you yahtzee master. 😭🙏🏼👼🏼
~ My son, Zachary

I'll think of her when my sister gets ready for prom and graduation because I know she would be so proud of her. I'll think of her when we watch my brother play football and imagine her complaining about how hot it is. I'll think of her when I pick out my wedding dress one day because that was something we dreamed and talked about while watching "say yes to the dress." I'll think of her when our house stops being as clean as she kept it because she took pride in a our neat house. I'll think of her when I see her favorite things and ponder those memories in my heart. I'll think of her when I feel the wind caresses my face because I'm sure she told Daddy God to send us kisses for her.
She always wanted a purpose in life and strived to find that purpose, but I hope she knows that her purpose started nine years ago when she walked into our lives. She greatly contributed to how we turned out as people, raising us by her Kingdom influence, the best way she knew how, even if we couldn't see it at times. And for that, we will be eternally grateful. Thank you for loving us so well and I sincerely hope we made every minute worth it. We love you so much, Sherry Berry.
~ My daughter, Courtney.

This morning I held my mother's hand and said goodbye as God decided he needed her more than me. She was my rock, my world, my life, my bestfriend. I admired her above anyone else. She never fell short of being a perfect mother, I can't begin to express how much I'm going to miss you but I'm so thankful for the 30 years I've had with you I love you so much mommy and I miss you terribly.... God got a perfect angel today.
~ Sherry’s daughter, Randi

I don't really know how to put my feelings into words at this point, but for the time I was around, you Helped me through a dark time in life and helped me find my faith again... You Gave the best advice any girl could have going into adulthood, and you Taught how to play Yahtzee like it was your career....
~ Cara

The thing I remember most about her is how nurturing she was. She was like a second mother to all the kids she knew. She impacted so many lives in such a positive way….
~ Madison

Sherry was such a bright and beautiful soul, and she touched my life in so many ways. I am thankful that I had the experience to get close with her that I looked to her as a second mom. It's so hard to let someone so strong and encouraging go from our own arms, but now she's wrapped up in our saviors arms. Healthy and happier than ever. I know that I would be texting her right about now talking about my trip to Daytona for Cheerleading Nationals and she would be calming my nerves. She would reassure me that God has me and my teams back, and that He would keep me calm and give me the strength. But now, this ones for you Sherry. ❤❤ fly high you beautiful soul. You'll be missed by so many.
~ Jessie

Sherry was an amazing woman. She was so kind, caring and genuine. She always encouraged me and gave me Godly counsel. I can't believe she is no longer here on earth but I know without a doubt in my mind that she is having the best time with her Lord and Savior. ❤😥 Rest In Peace and enjoy dancing on the streets of Gold. I'll see ya again one day...
~ Sarah

Even though I only met this beautiful ladya handful of times in person, she encouraged me more than most during the hardest time of my life. She prayed for me more than I ever prayed for her. She demonstrated the greatest commandment to love God and to love others more than most other people that I know. Although I know she suffered physically with hard days of her own, she still saw the bright side of things. She still knew that God was working all things together for good.  Enjoy your time with Jesus. I will see you again soon.
~ Melinda

(I want you to know) how much Sherry meant to me. She showed me what a one on one relationship with Jesus looked like. Before our small singles group began meeting, I didn't have that type of relationship with Jesus. I know that she's with her Father in Heaven, and I know He said "Well done, daughter, well done.”
~ Linda