Although music was a big part of my life from a very young age, I didn’t get serious about playing music until I was about 21 years old when I bought my first drum set.  

Up until that point, I was like every kid: I had a pair of drumsticks, turned my aluminum garbage can upside down to make a snare drum, added chairs all around me with pillows to make toms and cymbals, and played to my records for hours.  You know the routine; imagining myself in front of thousands of screaming fans in a sold out arena.

My first “serious” band was Omega Highway from 1991-1993.  I joined them not long after becoming a Christian. Our first recording, “Willing to Fight,” actually got some radio airplay and sold quite well.

I moved to Nashville in 1993 and when my first child was born in 1994, I knew it was time to give up the music and start focusing on being a dad instead of a drummer.

Fast forward to 2006.  I had already moved back to Kentucky in 1997.  I was a single dad at that time and had no intentions on playing music, but I had the desire to have my own drum kit again so that I might be able to get some friends together on occasion and “jam.”  

I THEN bought a new drum kit and contacted a former bandmate for a jam session.

After our very first jam session with a guitarist friend, we realized we just might have something, and that’s when Wisdom’s Call was bornn.  What I thought was simply a jam session was another calling of God.

We jammed in June 2006, recorded a full length CD in July, opened for DecembeRadio in December, and signed a deal with Soul Joy Records in March of 2007.  In June 2007, we were asked to play the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL.

Although I no longer play in a “band,” I currently play drums in our church and love praising Psalm 150 style!

My Drum Solo In Church

A drum solo for my kids

Following are some recordings from the Omega Highway reunion CD called “The Road.”  This was recorded in 2012.  Also included below are some tracks from the Wisdom’s Call CD, “Divine Exchange” that was part of the Soul Joy Records release.

(1991-1993, 2012)