DJ Blind

DJ Blind Event

Once Flames of Fire started and I was having club events for the youth, I kind of flowed into the DJ role.  However, I never thought it would go any further than events that I held.

Some friends at church, who were getting married, asked if I could DJ their wedding reception since I had the equipment.  I agreed to do so and then others began contacting me.

What started out as a favor became something else I grew passionate about.  Since that first wedding, I have done several more and absolutely love it.  So I now do youth events and wedding receptions, and am up to do other events as well!

If you would like to get info on booking “DJ Blind” for your special event, wedding reception, etc., simply go to the contact page and let’s talk!

NOTE: I absolutely do not play music that is perverse, has vulgar language, etc.