Yes, bowling!  I am a bit too competitive to call this just a “hobby,” but it is something I absolutely love doing with my children.  
I also am a member of the American Blind Bowlers Association (ABBA) and have bowled in the last two national tournaments.

How I Bowl

​So, how does a legally blind guy bowl?  Well, I have been asked that question more than once and instead of explaining it, I decided to create a video for you to watch and see how it’s done!  So, check it out!
​​In 2016, the tournament was held in Tampa, Florida where I finished 19th in the nation in scratch singles.  My Masters team also finished 4th in the nation.

In 2017, the tournament was held in Phoenix, Arizona where I won the Scratch Singles National Title.

So far, while being legally blind, my high game is a 265 with several more over 200.  Don’t let road blocks and set backs slow you down!


The bowling alley is also where I got the nickname, “The Blind Fury.”

I sometimes bowl with a group of guys who love to compete with each other.  At the end of the night, they would give “championship belts” and then do a video interview of the winner.

One night, I pulled the upset and won the competition and when the interview began, my friend Ray – who was doing the interview – said, “John….. The BLIND Fury!”
The nickname stuck from there!

Below are a couple of quick interviews after the competition!